LPA is committed to providing access to the most current medical information available.  Dedicated and experienced physicians from LPA’s Medical Advisory Board generously volunteer to assist members and their physicians with medical consultations, referrals and critical information. These physicians cover multi-specialized fields of practice.

As a benefit of membership, LPA members are able to contact Medical Advisory Board doctors for help in diagnosis or for any medical concerns.  Medical Advisory Doctors often attend the yearly nation conference to hold workshops and see patients – for free – at the conference hotel site.

The LPA online Medical Resource Center is an in-depth reference guide to the approximately 200 different types of dwarfism, intended not just for the lay person, but for medical professionals as well.

The Medical Resource Center was compiled by Medical Advisory Board member Ericka Okenfuss who is also available for limited questions.


Locally – individual members are happy to let you know of their experiences.


Please email lpaValleyOfTheSun@gmail.com
or leave a message at 888-244-1864